Weave the Threads of Fate.

Mythion Adventures is a mobile, multiplayer, interactive-fiction gamebook set in a hand crafted world expanded month-over-month.

Welcome to Aulain

Throughout your time here, you and your friends will meet a wide cast of Intriguing Characters, explore Dangerous and Forgotten Locations, and encounter more than your fair share of Uncanny Creatures. Through all of this, you and your friends will uncover the dark histories of the world, all while helping forge a brighter future through your own actions.

Alistair and his study in the Madrigal Tower

Embark on your adventure

Utilizing Push Notifications and SMS Invites, you can gather your Friends from anywhere in the world to join your group at the push of a button. Together, you and your friends will explore a region of Aulain known as The Grieving Moor. Throughout your adventures the Decisions and Actions you and your friends make together will help determine the fate of this rugged land, and the people who call it home. 

Join the Community

Throughout your journey we look forward to seeing you from time-to-time. Join a community of passionate fans.

Original Stories

Mythion Adventures - First Steps: The original stories set in the world of Aulain that inspired Mythion Adventures.

iPhone screenshot

Weave the Threads of Fate.