The World of Aulain

An ancient and storied planet home.


Aulain is home to a wide range of people and creatures who resemble many of those we know from our own world. However, the presence of gods and arcane energies over the many epochs Aulain has existed has sewn a deep-seeded chaotic force into the lifeblood of this world, and as a result that chaos arises in devastating fashion.

While Aulain is an expansive world with much of interest, it is often the simplest places where the greatest stories arise, and for Adventures with Friends, that place is a small archipelago known as the Salannish Isles, in scarred and potentially cursed land known as the Grieving Moor. It is on this moor that a great many events have unfolded in ages past, and a great many more stories will soon unfold in the near-future.

“If there is one thing this world rewards, it is the ravenous desire to learn, grow, and improve. Aulain is constantly changing, and we must explore and adapt with it if we are to thrive.”

- Madrigal

The Salannish Isles

The Salannish Isles are a collection of small islands that form the large and ever-enduring home of the Salannish folk, an ethnic group of sea-faring Humans who call the wind swept swells of the Endless Deep of Aulain their home and source of life. Despite generations of war, attempted-invasions, and world-altering natural disasters, the Salannish have stood strong on their island home. However it is often what lies closest to home that can catch you off guard, and the dark and mysterious forces emerging from deep within’ the twisted woods of the Grieving Moor aim be the force that finally brings Salann and its inhabitants to their knees.

“Across the Endless Drink

Waves break and crash

May we forever hold fast

For we know fair winds and the ocean’s wiles

Will return us to our fair Isles!”

- An old Salaanish shanty.

The Grieving Moor

One of the oldest inhabited regions of The Salannish Isles, The Grieving Moor is now a fledgling frontier after generations of death and destruction. Centuries ago the Salannish called The Grieving Moor by a different name, and their society prospered here taking a break from the battering of the Endless Deeps waves on the smaller islands and coastlines of the rest of the Salannish Isles. However a great calamity during the ages of the Godswalk resulted in an event known as The Sundering. With the Salannish empire in the Moor demolished, its survivors headed back towards their island homelands and wrote the Grieving Moor off as a cursed and deadly land.

However, land is precious, especially among an island nation, and soon enough The Slannish folk found their way back towards the Grieving Moor and have begun to rebuild once again. However there are those amongst the inhabitants of the Moor who have not forgotten the dark days of the ancient past, and worry those forces have not disappeared for good.

“ ‘What’s to the east?’

‘That’d be the Grieving Moor.’

‘Sounds charming.’

‘Something tells me you ain’t exactly looking for charming.’ “

- Uthred, to Rozen.

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