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15 July 2020

iOS, MacOS & Android


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Mythion Adventures is a Mobile, Multiplayer, Interactive Fiction Game playable on iOS and Android devices. On your own, or with up to two of your friends, you will set foot into Aulain, a hand-crafted fantasy world. Discover the history behind an ancient, malevolent force, the ominous events hinting at its return, and be given the chance to expel it once and for all.

Throughout your time in Aulain, you and your friends will meet a wide cast of intriguing characters, explore dangerous and foregone Locations, and encounter more than your fair share of uncanny creatures. Through all of this, the stories will be accompanies by unique artwork designed to give you a glimpse into the fantastic world.

Together, you will explore a rich and ever-expanding storyline, one that will continue to grow week after week and adventure by adventure. Throughout your journey, the decisions and actions you and your friends make will help determine the fate of this rugged land, the people who call it home, and the party you lead.

Mythion Adventures is designed to be enjoyed through solo adventures or with up to two friends. Work together and choose your own adventure in this wonderous, ever-expanding world.


The team was formed in early 2019 when Mythion Games co-founder Kyle Aulerich partnered with co-founder Brynn Mountain to help develop a game concept he was working on: a multiplayer, interactive fiction game available on mobile devices. They would later enlist Ian Fowler and David Tector to help craft the story and artwork. This game would become Mythion Adventures, and during its creation, Nick Kehagias would join as an investor and concept developer. This rag-tag team of five would spend the next year building out a hand-crafted fantasy world, playable with friends.


  • Experience an ever-growing fantasy world through weekly and monthly content updates.
  • Play solo or with up to two friends in this choose-your-own-path world.
  • Explore Aulain. Meeting a wide cast of Intriguing Characters, Dangerous and Forgotten Locations, and encounter more than your fair share of Uncanny Creatures.
  • Original story, artwork and music. Headphones recommended!
  • A premium game with no ads or in-app purchases. Subscribe once, play forever.


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Mythion Games is a small, independent game development company focused on the continued development and growth of Mythion Adventures. Our goal is to bring the genre of interactive fiction to the next generation of players, while stoking the nostalgia of those who have been fans since the beginning.

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For press or media inquiries please contact kyle@mythiongames.com.

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Weave the threads of fate.