Throughout your adventures you'll discover items of all kinds. Grow your collection by taking as many paths as you can. Take a quick peak at some early items available to discover.

Iron Ore

Rarity: Common

In times past the iron of the Moor lead to immense armories of hard-forged weaponry and armor. The region was notorious for its ironwork and often shipped its goods to other parts of the world.

Ages have long passed since then though. Today, the Grieving Moor is nothing but a remnant of its ancient, battle scarred past. These days the ore continues to be the lifeblood of the folk living in Elmwatch. Though not for arms or armor.

"Farming tools, simple devices, and even decorative makings for the church, these are the results of the quality craftsmanship originating from Cinderbeard’s, now Ashbrow’s, smithy."

- Adventure I, Cinderbeard's Mine

Scroll Case

Rarity: Uncommon

Blood red lacquered wood, glittering golden engravings, and fine leather straps formed one of the most beautiful scroll cases ever seen.

"He thought back to his days at school, even there the finest spells and maps were not held within’ such high esteem. He thought it ironic to discover this piece of art alone in the middle of a dirtied mind."

"It spoke to Cinderbeard’s reverie of the place though. Erwan had arrived thinking these folk rather rough around the edges. Perhaps he was brash to make assumptions so soon. Perhaps Cinderbeard had seen the potential beauty of the place before Erwan had."

- Adventure I, Cinderbeard's Mine

Venison Stew Recipe

Rarity: Uncommon

Food is simple on the Moor, poor soil and dangerous wilds leave little to be eaten, but on the odd day a deer can be caught, it means a hearty stew is in store.

-Soak 1 lb. Dried Peas in Water overnight.

-Coat 1 lb. Venison in Flour.

-Brown the Venison over medium heat.

-Add the Venison and Peas to three pints of Boiling Water.

-Let boil for about fifteen minutes.

-Add Roughly Chopped Potato, Onion, and Parsnips along with Salt and Pepper to the pot.

-Let simmer for about an hour. The stew will be ready when the peas break down and the stew thickens up.

- J. Townsend

Straw Doll

Rarity: Common

Made from the wheat common around Elmwatch, the doll itself is incredibly rigid as it has been dried.

Its form is shaped into that of a feminine figure, holding a smaller straw bundle wrapped in its arms.

While the rough straw is uncomfortable to hold, the doll has been dressed in a small, handmade dress fashioned from simple cloth.


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