The Party

Meet the adventurers you’ll be guiding through the Grieving Moor on their perilous journey.

Rozen, The Warrior

Rozen, the elven warrior. A brave and bold soldier from a far-off nation, cast out from her home and seeking a new life.

“... This will be our last meeting. Thank you, Rozen, for the kindness and loyalty you have shown me. I hope I was worthy of it.”

- Queen Baela of Aranrhod, to Rozen before her banishment.

Maalik, The Rogue

Maalik, the dwarven jack-of-all-trades, who seeks the feeling of something he lost long ago.

“Fast hands on that one. He doesn’t seem like the usual sneakthief, so I’d say he simply had a colorful past and is using that to his benefit.”

- Graf, on the rogue Maalik.

Erwan, The Mage

Erwan, the untested human mage, ravenous for knowledge about the wider world.

“Don’t let whatever did this to you win, kid. Make your own fate. Knowing how you think you’ll die should be a motivator, not a deterrent.”

- Unknown man, to Erwan.

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