Every month we include two new tales exploring the world of Aulain and the region of the Grieving Moor. Get lost in the mystery, wonder and history of your favorite characters and locations. 

By Embers, Forged

Cinderbeard's Mine (Adventure I)

"The cool night air swept through the open space where the forge sat, the embers within slowly dying out and casting the area into darkness. Zahraziv stared into the waning light for far longer than she had intended, as she often did lately. Her late teacher would have called it a form of meditation, but she considered it wasteful. After all, she had much work to do and very little time to do it in. With a sigh, she moved to a table placed beside the forge and lit a lamp, providing her with the light she needed to hang up the others that would brighten her workspace..."

The Aspirant

Cinderbeard's Mine (Adventure I)

"The streets of Kohinoor were quiet, as they usually were. Dwarves were an industrious people, but they enjoyed time with their families just like everyone else. It was for this very reason that the master smith, Hafiz-Azar Cinderbeard, was out walking with his niece, Zahraziv. The cool night air flowed through the massive entryway into the deepest parts of the dwarven hold..."


The Elmwatch Barrow (Adventure II)

"Every man of faith must at one point in his life undertake a test. It could be physical, mental, or spiritual. For those dedicated to the church in Leathad, it happens to be all of them, as each member of the clergy is required to go on a mission trip to wherever the gods deign to send them. As the gods’ words are interpreted by the senior priests, usually they are sent to unforgiving and cold places such as the Grieving Moor, commonly known as the frontier to the common folk..."


The Elmwatch Barrow (Adventure II)

"The group was cautious, as they knew they were close to their target. They would be camping here for the evening, as the caravan would pass by early in the morning. Plenty of time to prepare their perfect ambush. Snares were set, warning systems rigged up with rope and rocks. Pickets posted along likely routes for travelers to stumble through. The Moor was unfamiliar territory for these bandits, but they knew their craft well. A group of wagons, fat and laden with trade goods, had been tracked through the Deadwind Pass..."

The Tower

The Madrigal's Tower (Adventure III)

"Deep down, I knew the man was right. The Crag, as the locals called it, was a bleak area in an already desolate land. The gently rolling hills closer to Elmwatch gave way to rough, sharp breaks in the terrain, with ravines and harsh outcroppings pockmarked all about. Still, something had drawn me here, and I intended to find out what. Besides, from what the man told me, nobody comes around here unless absolutely necessary. Exactly what I needed..."

Hidden Knowledge

The Madrigals Tower (Adventure III)

"Having spent most of the previous evening well and truly drunk, much of the morning was focused on recovering. For everyone except Angruval, that is. Calle, Sevog and I both seemed to have suffered the worst from consuming a truly impressive amount of ale, while their leader was as chipper as ever, according to his subordinates. He was up before the sun, seeming content to eat a bit of some simple rations and watch the sunrise while the rest of us mewled like week-old kittens..."

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